Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Ultrasonic thickness testing is a useful tool for helping predict the lifespan of pipelines or storage vessels used in the water, gas or oil networks or more general industrial applications. Using state of the art ultrasound technology, calibrated and traceable to ISO standards, our engineers can take vessel or pipeline wall thickness readings from the external surface of the assets during standard operation.

You will experience zero downtime, zero contamination, accuracy of 0.1 mm or less and a detailed report giving you an invaluable insight into the condition of your assets. Potential failures can be highlighted and predictive maintenance can be planned, reducing the risk of costly emergency works.

A range of ultrasonic thickness testing gauges are available to our engineers suitable for numerous applications, from Intrinsically Safe units for use in potentially explosive applications, to instruments able to read through coatings of up to 20 mm, which save time and money by eliminating the removal and reapplication of coatings cheaper instruments cannot read through.