What is an Emergency Lighting system?

Emergency lighting is designed for situations when the main power supply is cut and any normal illumination fails. The loss of mains electric could be from a power cut or a more serious emergency, such as a fire. This often leads to sudden darkness within the area and possible dangers to the occupants.
Emergency lighting is designed to be fully automated and it will give illumination of a sufficiently high level to allow occupants to exit the building in a safe manner.
BS 5266-1: 2011 is the British Standard which provides the designer of the system with the minimum standard to work to and encompasses buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, shops, multi-story dwellings and more. Although BS 5266-1:2011 recommends the types and durations of emergency light systems to be used, it should be noted that these are the minimum safe standards and that a higher standard may be required for a particular installation or specialist building.

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