Fixed Wire Testing

What is an EICR?

Sometimes known as Periodic Inspection, or Periodic Inspection & Testing or Fixed Wire Testing, this process covers the testing of all the fixed wiring systems within your building, such as mains panels, distributions boards, socket outlets, air conditioning and others. It involves a series of stringent visual inspections followed by electrical tests on all systems within a building. It highlights any problems or potential problems, allowing you to plan any necessary maintenance works. Periodic Testing will involve having to disconnect electrical circuits within the building, so careful planning and management is a necessity to minimise business disruption. It is often best performed outside normal working hours, such as a factory shut-down week, or evening, night-time and weekend testing options are also available.

Due to the complex nature of an EICR, we cannot quote based solely on information provided via email or telephone. If you would like a quotation, please contact us to arrange a site visit.