Pub PAT Testing

Village Pub PAT Testing

  • The couple who run the pub did not believe they needed to have their items PAT tested as it is not a legal requirement

Pub PAT Testing

Unfortunately this is a case of a little knowledge being dangerous. They are correct in the respect that it is not a legal requirement, however the lease agreement from the pub operating company dictates that portable appliances must be routinely checked. PAT testing is also the easiest way to display compliance as outlined here.

Business Consultant PAT Testing

  • A business consultant based in a serviced office thought that PAT testing was not required as they were the only person using the equipment, and they did not see clients on-site

Shared Office PAT Testing

This person also got caught out through not fully understanding the terms & conditions of their tenancy agreement. The owners of the office block, a local City council have a duty of care towards all of its users and to demonstrate that they are taking all reasonable precautions, they stipulated that all items must be tested on an annual basis (even though the guideline for testing IT equipment is 48 months in an office environment).

Factory PAT Testing

  • A factory of around 100 people allowed self-employed consultants and on-site supplier contacts to use their own equipment

The items brought onto site – whether it be a power-supply for a supplier’s laptop or a kettle in a self-employed consultant’s office should be tested to show compliance with the guidelines here. To ensure that the items brought onto site are tested shows correct control & understanding of the requirements.

Band PAT Testing

  • A band that did not PAT test their equipment got refused a gig at a venue through failure to produce a valid test certificate

This is becoming more & more common. Venues need to show compliance & have a duty of care towards all in the venue in the same manner of the office block & the factory. It may also be the case that an insurance provider, issuer of a fire certificate or landlord dictates that all items on the premises must be PAT tested. Now the equipment is annually tested & a certificate issued so that the band can play at that venue.

Similar rules may apply to DJ’s, a meeting or conference at a hired venue, a tradesman working within a commercial or industrial setting or anyone who regularly transports electrical equipment and uses it in various locations.