Replacement Sockets

Whether your socket is damaged, no longer operates or you just want to update the style of them to give a more modern look we can help. Damaged sockets can be dangerous and should be swapped as soon as possible. Sockets that have stopped working can be a major inconvenience and can be rectified easily.
Updating your sockets can be an easy way to make your home appear more modern and is best done at the same time as all your switches and outlets, such as TV/satellite, telephone and data points. We have access to literally millions of different combinations of style and configuration so if you’d like any guidance on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Additional Sockets

If you live in a particularly old house you’ll probably find that you don’t have enough sockets to go around, and you’re constantly swapping plugs around or leaving a mess of tangled wires and extension leads tucked behind furniture. Without stretching to a full electrical rewire, extra sockets can be added to rooms in most cases.

Single to double socket conversions

Many rooms, especially in bedrooms before the digital age became upon us, were only ever fitted with single sockets. Intended for bedside lamps and other small appliances, they can be easily converted into double sockets, even with their own dedicated USB ports to free a socket up from your phone or tablet chargers. They can either be fitted as surface mounted, which has advantages such as speed of fitting, in areas that won’t be seen, or fully flush to the wall like they’ve been there forever if aesthetics is important.