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PAT Testing Reminder Service

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a brand new service available from today on the Peeko website. Having spoken to many people responsible for PAT testing in businesses of various sizes, it’s clear that PAT testing is not the top priority and is easily overlooked. We all have wide-ranging responsibilities and it can be easy to forget important dates. If you rarely unplug your appliances, such as IT or factory equipment that is classed as portable, but is stationary, you don’t often look at the PAT test due date sticker attached to the plug.

To solve this problem, we’ve built a simple PAT testing reminder service on our website. It’s a form that will take you about 15 seconds to fill in (you could’ve done it already if you weren’t reading this!) and you’ll receive an email a month before the re-test date to remind you to get your PAT test booked.

It’s 100% free to use, and you can use it whether you are a Peeko customer or not.

Find it on the PAT testing reminder service page.

Charlie McCluskey

I'm a fully qualified PAT test engineer based in Derby. While I'm travelling the country carrying out PAT testing for companies of all sizes, I comment on regular issues that I find along the way to help demystify portable appliance testing.

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