Cafe PAT Testing

Today’s blog post fits in nicely with the PAT testing frequency query that I previously answered. With some businesses, it may initially not be that obvious what category you fall under when trying to decide how often you need to PAT test. A cafe, restaurant, bar or pub would come under several categories depending on the area the appliance is used in.

Cafe PAT Testing

Any items used in the kitchen would clearly come under commercial kitchen PAT testing so that is reasonably simple. Items behind a bar could also come under that section; there is an increasing trend for cafes to toast paninis and sandwiches on the back bar of the counter, these contact grills would be an excellent example of appliances of this nature. Pie warmers, hot cabinets or cocktail blenders should also be dealt with in the same manner.

Where the customers sit is a different matter. Ideally, there should be no electrical appliances that the general public can touch, especially if you often have children in your establishment. You may have lamps to enhance the lighting or a TV on the wall – these aren’t appliances that the public would ‘use’ in the sense of the IET guidelines so it may be suitable to apply the shop PAT testing guidelines in this case.

Items that the public would use would be more applicable to vending machines, self-service coffee or soft-drinks machines, soup kettles or fruit machines. You may find that once you’ve reviewed all your appliances, that you’ll have some that require different PAT testing intervals. It can be common to have items with 3, 6, 12 and 24 month intervals all within a single business premises. If you require any help putting together your PAT testing schedule, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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